Unearthing: Longform Interviews — Tiffany Lau

Freelance event producer, plant-based chef/nutriotionist


Shot on film — Kodak Pro 100.


You said your experience inspired you to believe in food. Could you share a little more about it?

“Every day that you’re alive now is a bonus.”

Wow wow wow. It’s awesome that you’re here now, and you can talk about it willingly and courageously.



So you’re from Hong Kong!

“We have been through so many changes that we know our adversities can be counted as a deposit in the bank of life, and not a withdrawal.”

I’ve never been to Hong Kong, so my perception of HK is only through people who have been, and through Wong Kar Wai’s films… So I have a rather romantic perception of HK. But one thing that shines through for me, in light of the protests and demonstrations last year, as well as the recent coronavirus outbreak, is the resilience of HKers.

You have everything within you to conquer your obstacles.

What are your dreams/aspirations?

Figuring, always figuring.

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