Unearthing — Preamble

My passion project (finally!) sees the light of day

The Story

This idea stemmed from somewhere in 2015, when I stumbled upon a publication called The Great Discontent (TGD). They do longform interviews with people from the creative industry — musicians, writers, designers, actors, filmmakers etc. I read a few pieces online, loved the concept and content, and proceeded to buy their printed editions.

The Why

I wanted to uncover aspects of the day-to-day modern life — go beyond the surface of just waking-working-sleeping. Hence the title “Unearthing”. We’re all aware that everyone is living their own story, going through their own problems. But how many of us actually take the effort to prod a little further? The work week passes in a haze, and weekends are spent mindlessly consuming. Maybe, if we slow down and get to know each other a little better, we can begin to empathize, understand, or God-willing, forgive?

The Interview

These conversations aim to highlight and allow. Highlighting the individual, and allowing them to say what they have to say. The conversations go on for some time, and thus their length is more than the average interview you might be used to. Hence “longform”.


For now, I will be publishing here on Medium, over the next couple months. But I have a wee dream of turning this into a physical publication. A mini magazine, or zine. I’m a massive fan of print, so a little booklet of some sort that you can hold in your hands or have on your shelf (or drawer) would be absolutely amazing for me. I was going to wing it myself design-wise, but I’m open to options or collaborations.


It’s not like I won an award or anything, but I’d like to express my gratitude to those that were willing to give up some of your time and awkward smiles to indulge a dreamy bum like myself. Not to mention the soul-enriching conversations we had! At least on my side…

“…as you read through it, may you be inspired by the stories within. Whether you’ve taken a leap recently or are working up the courage to make the jump, we hope that you’ll be challenged to follow your instincts and be reminded that you’re not alone.”

That was part of their foreword in TGD Issue 1. Reading it now again, after 5 years… CHILLS.

Figuring, always figuring.

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